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On these summerstampsstamps 2001, you can see some very insect andf butterfly friendly gardens. To be honest: the issue is about gardendesign, but the designs are very much at the background, and the butterfly friendly plants at the foreground, so these attrack much more the attention.


Vlinderpostzegels Vlinderpostzegels Vlinderpostzegels

Vlinderpostzegels Vlinderpostzegels Vlinderpostzegels
These are the other 3 stamps The stamps are designed by Boudewijn Corstiaensen and the covers by Sara Schenk.

In this project also participated Els Brouwer, gallery Magenta and EurEco, bureau for ecologic research & advice.

On the stamps are the next butterflies:

- Iphiclides Podalirius (king page)
Host plant for this butterfly is the blackthorn. Theefor you can find it there were the blackthorn grows, mostly the dry hillside were the sun shines. From the middle of may till the middle of june. In warmer yearsm there appears a second generation.

-nordmannia ilices (brown oak page)
Host plant is the oak tree. You can see it at the edges of the forest, from midlle of june till august.

- Vanessa atalanta (Atalanta)
This is a migratory butterfly. His host plant is the nettle. You can see this butterfly almost everywhere, from july till octobre

-Thecla betulae (Blackthorn page)
A local butterfly, living at the edges of forest, and sometimes in the gardens.

-Limenitis Populi (big Kinfisher Butterfly)
Living at open spaces in humid forest. You can see it from the middle of june till end of july. Hostplants: aspen, black poplar

The last stamp is again from the Atalanta.

Comment: And here 3 stamps, from a project from the city Nijmegen, issued in 2004, with the name "butterfly mail". The city of Nijmegen initiated this Butterfly mail and not the Dutch post. They could do so by using the former personalised stamps. The set consist of 6 stamps, with 5 butterflies on the, envelopes, and a poststamp, and you could buy them at the turistic office, and an artgalery. These stamps can be used on mail of course!

Endemic Butterflies of Andaman and Nicobar Islands-INDIA
This miniature sheet on Butterflies was the first stamp issue released by Indiapost on 02'Jan 2008.

Forest Ringlet
Vividly coloured it lives in the forested areas in the North Island. Its favourite food plants are forest sedges and forest snowgrass.


Southern Blue
One of the smallest and the most abundant, this species prefers warm dry places less than 1000 mtrs above sea level. It tends to fly just above ground level.Vlinderpostzegels

Yellow Admiral
Found throughout New Zealand, it prefers open country, wastelands and gardens where stinging nettles are establishedVlinderpostzegels

Common Copper
Found only in New Zealand. This butterfly feeds off the Muchlenbeckia creeper and will often be found wherever that plant grows. Also found in Coastal areas and open spaces throughout New Zealand.Vlinderpostzegels

Red Admiral
Found throughout New Zealand in the summer months. Its favourite food is the native stinging nettle.Vlinderpostzegels

A cover from great britian with butterflies.

a sheet with o Bird and a Butterfly, on a Brazialin National Reserve called Serra do Japi

In June of 2007, the US Postal system issued the following Pollination stamps: